Tuesday, September 15, 2009

desolate life.

I have created this. In my desperate pursuit for some kind of life i have found more deceit than i ever could have envisioned.
This "dream" of a person i met was really just plain moronic.
He, a father-a shop owner-a southern boy-a marine injured in the war-a single man, was nothing but a liar.
He contacted me, you know this. I waited for him to contact me again as he promised but he did not, a reason to this is below. I took into my owns hands and simply sent him a message on AIM. This is how it went. (ill block his identity for his own good!)

dysonsuicide (3:12:54 PM): hmph...
HIM (6:23:57 PM): whos this?
dysonsuicide (6:26:33 PM): no body. dont worry about it
HIM (6:28:53 PM): this isn;t dale so i dont know who you are
dysonsuicide (6:29:29 PM): is this dj?
HIM (6:29:50 PM): no
dysonsuicide (6:29:58 PM): nevermind then.
HIM (6:30:16 PM): this is his girlfriend and u r????
dysonsuicide (6:31:34 PM): really? jus look for dj. my bad
HIM (6:32:09 PM): if u tell me who this is i can tell u where he is
dysonsuicide (6:33:21 PM): its lauren
HIM (6:34:08 PM): ok
dysonsuicide (6:34:39 PM): i wasnt aware he had a girlfriend
HIM (6:35:09 PM): he does
dysonsuicide (6:35:49 PM): well you might wanna check in on what he is doing then
HIM(6:36:21 PM): when was the last time you saw him?
dysonsuicide (6:36:42 PM): awhile ago but thats not the point
HIM (6:37:12 PM): whats ur point then
dysonsuicide (6:37:44 PM): if you dont mind me asking how long have you been datin ghim?
HIM (6:37:52 PM): 2 months
dysonsuicide (6:39:30 PM): well he cheated on you 2 weeks ago honey.
HIM (6:40:59 PM): excuse me?
dysonsuicide (6:41:49 PM): yea. wasnt aware he had a girl. told me he was single. actually met him on a dating site. so good luck with that.
HIM (6:42:10 PM): would u mind telling me which one?
dysonsuicide (6:42:25 PM): i can send you a link if you want
HIM (6:42:40 PM): if u could
dysonsuicide (6:42:54 PM): hidden link
dysonsuicide (6:44:46 PM): thats him right? were not confused and talking about the wrong person
HIM (6:46:23 PM): hey send that again please
dysonsuicide (6:46:44 PM): hidden link
HIM (6:49:22 PM): well everything on that profile is a lie...
dysonsuicide (6:49:44 PM): what? like what?
HIM (6:49:58 PM): everything.
dysonsuicide (6:50:18 PM): do he doesnt own a shop? have a son? live in southfield?
HIM (6:50:27 PM): nope
dysonsuicide (6:51:27 PM): i hate to ask but did his mom just die?
HIM (6:52:18 PM): no...mine did i just talked to his mom a couple of hours ago
dysonsuicide (6:52:34 PM): omg.
dysonsuicide (6:52:40 PM): im sorry for all of this
HIM (6:53:14 PM): not ur fault u didnt know
dysonsuicide (6:54:39 PM): do you guys live up in saratoga? and is the southern accent fake? i cant help but ask these things. i just need to know
dysonsuicide (6:55:17 PM): did he really get shot? everything he told me was a lie. my god
HIM (6:57:14 PM): everything was a lie...
dysonsuicide (6:58:20 PM): but i even met his friends. no way he couldve lied about everything. did you know about him on the site?
HIM (6:58:36 PM): who did u meet
dysonsuicide (6:59:05 PM): i dont remember thier names one of them lived in saratoga
HIM(7:00:20 PM): this makes me sick
dysonsuicide (7:00:59 PM): im sorry. i never wouldve if i knew. i feel so bad for what he did to me and you
HIM (7:06:21 PM): i know
HIM(7:07:46 PM): he has a lot of issues....that's all i can say...but he's incarcerated right now and won't be out for a long time...
dysonsuicide (7:08:21 PM): since when?
HIM (7:08:57 PM): yesterday
dysonsuicide (7:09:24 PM): may i ask what he did?
HIM (7:10:34 PM): its best if u don't but he has some intense issues with lying...about everything...he doesn't do to hurt anyone he just can't help himself
dysonsuicide (7:13:32 PM): how can you be woth someone like that
HIM(7:14:03 PM): honestly i've just been finding all this out the past 2 days...i didn't know.
dysonsuicide (7:16:50 PM): wow
HIM (7:20:11 PM): i dont even know what to say. i hated to find this out now but i guess better now than later, thank u for being honest with me.
dysonsuicide (7:21:19 PM): to put my mind at rest with this craziness id really like to know why he got locked up.
HIM (7:22:27 PM): its nothing drug or assault related...it just has to do with lying
dysonsuicide (7:23:38 PM): ok. good luck. bail outta there nothing good will come from this
HIM (7:24:21 PM): i wish it didnt have to be this way but....ok

SO how do you like that? What a fucking liar! I cannot believe the lies that came from his mouth. I cant believe i fell for the whole thing. I cant believe this happened. No wonder everything went so well...he lied about everything just to appease me. How can i trust men when shit like this happens.

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Girl on a Flight said...

Jees, you have bad luck. It has to turn around sometime though.