Tuesday, September 8, 2009

for real?

in a previous post, i spoke of a guy that completely stomped on my sleeves, of which i wear my heart. if you havent already you can click the link and read about him. well. he got in contact with me. told me he had lost his phone and on top of that he had a death in the family. his life, so he says, has been hectic. but the fact is, he apologized. he got in touch with me. he said he was sorry for making me feel the way i did. he also mentioned he thought of me everyday. suspect? you tell me. he went on and spoke of personal things about the dealings in his family and i wont post them but i dont know. my gut reaction is that he is lying. how fucked up am i? who would lie about that. this guy said he really thinks we could work. that we could be good together but he is sure i have moved on. idk. hes gonna contact me tomorrow. lets see. i may be wasting blog space here for him once again. who knows. do i go for it? believe him and give him one more chance? was the first date, although damn good, worth it?

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Anonymous said...

dont do it.