Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a fellow free thinker?

in this disgusting journey we call life ive met a lot of people that swear against my style of thinking. everyone i come in contact with tell me..."It will all be ok."
tell me, "Everything will turn out great!"
i call bullshit.
in my days of sorrow and desperation i have found a fellow "free" thinker. i have found a man who also feels the same dreaded way i do. is it sad im excited to find a person that feels life is shitty just like i do. is it a bad thing that i feel some kind of normalcy for finding a person that feels life is too horrid and they want to give up like ive wanted to. i dont know. all i know is im not this pessimist out there alone. the word was created for people like me and i happened to stumble across another.
i asked him to join me on this harrowing experience i call a blog...he accepted.
maybe to spread his negativity across the lands of the internet. maybe to simply be heard.
his post is coming...shit. who knows i may have found a co-writer to this incredibly disappointing blog. stay tuned.

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J said...

Bring it on!