Wednesday, August 26, 2009

silly boys...your tricks are a sin

call it impatience or call it knowing otherwise. i know i just got played. i thought i was getting played at the moment of it happening but he assured me those "gut" feeling were wrong. he assured me of his intentions and promised how innocent they were. he spoke about me to me. he used words to get in. there are words that seem to tug at my heart strings. dont say them to me. dont call me beautiful, sexy or perfect. im not. dont tell me i am like you because again im not. dont speak so highly of my intelligence that you admire. your admiration doesnt exist. i know these things. dont respect me for whatever status i hold because it was lies. stop talking about next time when you know in your head its not gonna happen. be honest. its simple. i know what your thinking, hey dyson chill out. no. im sick of it. these guys are all playing the same game. for what?

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