Monday, June 1, 2009

who will save you

"Death is on the tip of her tongue and dangers on the tip of her fingers. "
I didn't want to write anymore about those 3 years of my life that i had lost. I didn't want to act like it destroyed me this time. I wanted to be stronger this time. But i wasn't. The only reason i got by this far was due to a friend. Those lonely nights without him never came. The days where i felt the world caving in on me...never happened. That sinking heart feeling never occurred. I had someone there to talk to. I had someone to keep my mind on the right things. I had someone to make me laugh. I had someone. Thank you for that. I am almost positive you will never read this and even if you do I'm sure you will make fun of me for it but thank you. You have made an impact on my life and i owe you. You made that pain disappear. You brought my smile back. He, my ex, has paid me well in memories and that's all that's left. That feels good. No more hiding.

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