Thursday, December 4, 2008

the pot wars(updated x3)

a couple days ago...
Fellow employee A lifts the fabrics on the shoulders of a females shirt and says, "look at her boobs dance!!" or something like that.
I stood next to fellow employee B (a male) and say, "oh, lets do it with employee B now!!" (man boobs, get it) burn.
Lauren-1 Employee B-0

I was talking, "yea my daughters father is going to be there..."
Employee B says, "Her father? Wow im shocked you even know who he is..." ohhh burn.
Lauren-1 Employee B-1

The war has begun...

employee the kitchen and notices his opening sidework is vaccum. He turns to the opener and says, "hey, why am i vaccuming, Lauren is here..." burn.
Lauren-1 Employee B-2

edit...for update
I stand again in the kitchen and i ask employee B for some help. He says sorry i can right now. So i jokingly say, "oh...nice teamwork (insert name here), thats not our mission statement here at (insert restaurant here) we are here to make HAPPY TEAM MEMBERS. (or whatever i said)
Employee B goes on to say(another part of our mission is immaculate surroundings), "Well your face isnt immaculate surroundings" BURN point for him.
As he is walking and laughing out of the kitchen i say to other employees, "Man, im gonna miss him" (they are letting go of a few servers due to the economy or just plain suckness). So i assumed it'd be him. I think that counts right? burn.

Lauren-2 Employee B- 3

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