Wednesday, December 31, 2008

before 2009

I want to give a big thanks to everyone that has touched my life in a positive way. I have led this year in a negative manner. I have unfortunately lost some friends. I wish them well. Im becoming someone different. I dont know if its a good thing but we will wait and see. I have once again found love. If it wasnt for the ones closest to me i never would have had the balls to do so. I want to give a big fuck you to everyone that has fucked me over, ignored me, neglected me or turned their back on me. I want to say 2009 will be different but i dont know. I want to promise a better year to Los but i hope he will do the same...No one is even gonna read this. Fuck you all. lol.

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Anonymous said...

happy new year elle. this will be your year.