Thursday, October 30, 2008

loosing blood

I called him. I was distraught. I was drunk. I was in need of help.

I said, "There is something waiting for me in the darkest part of my imagination!!"
He said, "What are you suffering for, your pain is some kind of personal war."
I cried, "This is self induced terror and theres more to come. This is just a glimpse. I tell myself its all in my head but im pretty hard to convince."

He ran to me. He came to me. He tried to rescue me with all he had and 
he said, "I'll stay in time and watch you pass. Your paranoia woven deep beneath your skin. Breathe slow, Lauren, breathe slow. You shouldnt have to fight alone. Its nobodys battle but your own."

I pleaded, "Panic holds me like a gun, firm and steadfast, bleak and cold. I think its time to kill the drama. This lifestyles getting old."

Thankyou for holding my head up. I dont know how to protect myself without you. You healed my self induced wounds. You made the bleeding stop. Thank you.

(this post contains lyrics from alexisonfire)

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