Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fuck it all.

I now know im worthless. My love is nothing. The pain i feel right now is horrible. It physically hurts to breath. To think. To be. He has took my breath away. Not in that cliche way, in the worst way. Im not enough. Im never enough. I guess im an evil person and i deserve everything i get. i guess. 
I cheated on him. A very long time ago. Once. He forgave me. yes he forgave me.
He recently offered me the world. Yet he was sticking his dick in another girl. Yes. Fucking the shit out of another girl. Good for you. You got your revenge you have been wanting. Good for you. 
Dont promise me everything then take it away. Dont say we are starting over then rip it out of my hands. Dont say it was revenge when you have been fucking her the entire time. Shit, you stuck your dick in her the other day. The other fucking day. Then turn around and say, "oh but i now realize youre the one." Yea ok. after you fucked her. You pleased another woman with sex while you tried to please me with words. Evil. Evil minded. We are not a team. You do not care. You wanted me to feel as you felt. Well thank you. Ive felt it before but never from someone who was on your level. Thank you.
Fuck that. Fuck love. Fuck forever. Fuck marriage. Fuck me.
In the end you always seem to fuck me over. Drugs, words, sex.
Fuck life. Ill now try to comsume myself with people that want to care for me. People that want to love me. People that are not out for revenge. I thought you changed. But again things remain the same. 
Fuck it all. Lets go get fucked up people. Call me.

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