Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Lisa...

what i wish to tell you would be false. That in time you will feel better or that he will change his outlook or blah fucking blah. I dont know him and i dont now how his mind works but i know guys and i know how guys only think for themselves in the end. I know it hurts. I know its so fucking unbearable. I know alcohol takes the pain away but only for the moment. I know what waking up hungover and heartbroken feels like. I know that you have done everything in your power to make another persons life feel worthwhile.
Now its your time. Step back take a deep breath and scream. Let it out. Curse him for the words he said and curse him for the words he hasnt said. Drown yourself not in booze but in life. In your friends, in work, in a hobby(your awesome at drawing), in a sport. Drown yourself with you and in time it will be better. Maybe. Thats all i can give you, maybe. Lifes fucked up tricks only make us stronger its only prepping us for more shit, better people, bigger plans. Triumph in knowing your capable of love. Celebrate your ability to speak the truth about your feelings, most can not. Most importantly...Dont lose yourself.

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