Monday, May 19, 2008

and i woke

I woke today rubbed my eyes and hit the snooze. rinse and repeat.
Its a Sunday but my Sundays are no day of rest. I rose from bed groggy and hung over.
Not a typical hangover, a "I worked all fucking night long" hangover. I glanced up to look at the clock and yelled, "FUCKKK!!! Its 1:15."
I quickly ran to the bathroom washed my face took a toothbrush to my teeth then ran back into my room and threw on some shitty clothes that were in a pile on my floor (Clean or dirty pile i couldnt tell you, my mind was still on sleep mode). So after the clothes were thrown on i hurried out the door. Half way down rt 22 i realized i forgot my id, FUCKK again. (Now we all know about my recent arrest by the police, i didnt need them to find another reason to fuck with me)
I was too far to turn back, well any point on 22 is too far to turn back if your running late cause busting a u turn is out of the question. Id have to bust like 3 jug handles to come back home.
I began my drive. My 3 hour long drive. Late that is. Oh and its definitely down pouring too.
I took the short cut through south boundbrook to get to easton ave. BAD MOVE if i want to avoid the cops. But again i wasnt thinking i dont think my brain was capable of doing so yet.

I got to the tolls to get on the turnpke an realized that not only did i forget my id i forgot my cash. ok ok.... i have till exit 4 to figure something out. So maybe exit 8?? i dont know...wherever the lanes have already blended together and after i PASSED the first rest stop, my gas light goes on. hahahah fuck me. im super low on gas.

I frantically search my cars comparments for some kind of light at the end of a tunnel. A credit card, some hidden cash, ANYTHING!!
Success!!! a bank card. Thanks to my laziness of leaving it in car i now have money for gas but fuck can i make it to the next stop.
I did. And i took out some cash for the toll!! ok things are looking up.

I pull out of the rest stop and speed because im on a mission. To make it to south jersey by 3'o clock. its now 245. i have at least 3 more exits and thats just the turnpike after the turnpike i have another highway in which i have 4 exits on that then after that highway i have a localhighway to make my way down so ughh shit. I phone matt informing him on my lateness. He of course is mad and gives me the lecture on how it disturbes his life if im late. but who gives.

Ahh now im ok im late but the other party is informed. I have gas and toll money. After i get off the exit i stop at the next gas station because shit....whos in a rush now?!? I grab some grapes and a redbull(fyi...bad combo) and make my way to my destination, brain in full working order, stress taken off my shoulders...

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J said...

driving far sucks