Monday, June 14, 2010


slowly its becoming clear that im nobody. look at me. where am i in my life. i want to find a meaning. i want to find something that can entertain me endlessly. i need to finally figure out where my life is going. do i go to school for this or that...take this shit job or that one. i just dont know. this "calling" everyone talks about i cant seem to find. fuck me if i find it cause i dont have the funds to school myself in it anyway. i dont have the time to do so either. fuck it.


Anonymous said...

This paticular blog hit close to home. I have recently reapplied to a school I attended a few years back. I sometimes feel like I have no direction, and that I'm worth nothing. My job now has no meaning. I do anything that lasts.

I wish I had a real calling that I was sure of.

Dyson said...

yea youre in my boat. i jump back and forth in restaurants and find no god damn end. now im here, jobless and broke and wonder what went wrong. damn.