Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to Hell. Population: Earth

what have we done to each other? we have created the world around us and cant stand living in it. we complain about everything and do absolutely nothing about it. although i know im going to fail miserably at everything i at least try it the fuck out. i at least tell the truth to people in hopes for them to have some kind of self-realization of how much they suck. you fuckers need to realize what impact you have on others. you idiots need to realize who the fuck you are and deal with it. you jerks need to be a god damn friend when a god damn friend needs you. you need to butt the fuck out when its none of your god damn business. you need to throw a coin in a cup cause you have plenty in your fucking pocket. you need to pick one thing and fight for it but damn you need to stick with it. you need to stop watching tv news cause these subliminal political views will rot your brain. you need to drink more cause the world looks prettier that way. most of all we all need to stop being so god damn selfish.

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Anonymous said...

right on!