Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dark room. My only thoughts bring me to this glowing screen. Addicted to the flickering of my computer. I indulge myself by opening the laptop. Carelessly letting my fingers rush across the keyboard in an attempt for an end to boredom. No favorable outcome lies in the beaming screen. I close the comp and lie still in my dark room. My mind races with thoughts of all the knowledge my computer holds. I open it. Let my fingers guide me to endless entertainment. It works. Its working. My fingers are performing spectacular acts. They are continuously pleasing. These hands are satisfying my current needs. Roaming across up and down the keys. Aiding to my minds goal. Delightfully appeasing. This glow has shifted from my comp to me. 


carlos said...

I just noticed your blog's title. pursuit of life, love and everything in between. That's your problem.

Elle Vee said...

Whats the problem? Everything in between?