Monday, November 24, 2008

insomnia creeps in...

I lay down, close my eyes... nothing. My mind keeps running, "did i lock the front door, whats on tv right now, did i check my email, i wonder what so and so is doing."
I sit up check my email, fly through channels, check the front door, make a phone call.
I lay down, close my eyes...nothing. My stomach hurts this time, "Is it hunger, gas, a bug?" I get out of bed and grab a glass of water and chug.
I lay down, close my eyes...ugh its too hot in my room. now i have to pee. Get back up and go into the bathroom(check behind the curtain) do my business, wash up and lay down...nothing. Not tired. Grab my laptop and spend some mindless time online. Bored. Turn the tv on and watch pointless programs. bored. Drink some more water. Lay down.
Stare at the ceiling, stare out the window, stare...stare...nothing. Counting sheep is lame. Reading a book requires the light to be on. Meditating is out of the question tonight.
I lay down. Think about writing...think about writing...730am is coming quickly.

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Keithers. said...

haha sounds like my nightly routine.