Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Advice from a pessimist.

Ask away and i will answer as honest as possible. Beware. My honesty is not conventional nor trustworthy. My advice will be full of despair and destruction. Ask anything i dare you.


P said...

how can i quit smoking?

Anonymous said...

And I read you blog. I know this might sound really fucking creepy. But you seemed like an interesting person to know. I want to ask you a question can you read my blog and tell me what you think. The only reason why I ask is because you are truthful, I mean you stated it in your blog. can you please read the titles The Sadistic Angel it starts at the bottom. I am just asking you because my comprades don't really tell me the truth. So I needed someone who would put it bluntly. If you choose so, it starts at the bottom and goes up. Also this is rough copy and is still not finished. I just want to get a swift kick to my microscopic ego to start it out. And once again I will ask you PLEASE. I don't like to beg but I really need the truth.

Sam (Zombiepicdemic)
P.S: Sorry if I bothered you, I didn't mean for this to come across as a weird demand, I just saw you seem to be blunt with opinions.

Elle said...

i cant see your blog for the page is private. Accept my invite.

Anonymous said...

How can I control the urge to shit in public places, which results in me clogging the toilet?