Saturday, July 5, 2008

holy shitfuck

i was chillin in my living room at 2 in the morning, with my puppy doing shit on the computer. I heard noises outside which isnt abnormal but these specific noises were odd. Chairs on the deck moving, the wind chimes shaking loudly, shuffling, walking, chairs again moving, more suffling...
I turn on the back light and look out the window. Saw nothing.
Yelled, "YO!"
Then, "Who's there?"
Suddenly i saw something moving behind the deck. I dart my eyes to the moving shadows and saw someone. I then start screaming for my brother. "LOU!!! LOU!!! THERES SOMEONE OUTSIDE!!!"
The person then slyly moves behind the gazebos cloth wall. At this point im shaking with fear. My brother comes running down the stairs and jets out the door. He searches the best he can with no light.
He runs back in to grab a flashlight and hes off again searching for this guy.
My mother comes down and is trying to tell me its an animal. But im sorry there is no 6 foot animal staring at me and hiding.
My brother searched the entire back yard and nothing. Weird because theres no way out other than past where we were. Any other way is wooded and blocked off and hed fuck his shit up in the steep hilled woods.
Im freaked out. Dude didnt have a shirt on. Dude was creepy. Dude was in my back yard.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. If it was someone trying to break into your house, I bet they went running through the woods.

You should set a bear trap in your yard at night.

Lauren said...

if i had a bear trap you better believe itd be set up already!!!

Anonymous said...

And I'd probably be the asshole to step in it.


(I posted that first comment.)

Lauren said...

aw haha. youd text me, "hey lauren um im kinda stuck in your yard"