Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what are you scared of

ive come to realize some things scare the living shit out of me....
im not afraid to say so....

im scared....
-of spiders. as if they are hiding everwhere waiting, planning to take me down for killing their cousins.
-of the ocean. the fact i dont know what the fuck is crawling, swimming, haunting, creeping around under there and im expected to hop in and have fun?
-of the thought of ghosts. i dont know if that shit is real but just the thought of it creeps me the fuck out.
-of the dark. like outside dark. like someones waiting under my car, around the corner, or in the darkness, ready to fucking torture me.
-of the future. because i have no fucking clue what that shit holds for me.
-that i wont succeed and ill end up at bennigans in 30 yrs.
-i wont find "soul-mate" although i dont believe there is only one person out there for you... thats fucking impossible.
-everyday when i look into lindseys eyes and im suppose to know the "right" thing to do always.

what are you scared of?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bees, spiders, ants... They're all good. Insects don't bother me.


We're talking about wasps, hornets, or locusts. Holy shit. Black wasps look so fucking evil. Hornets scare the shit out of me because of how they look. And I find locusts completely disgusting.


Holy mother fucking SHIT. If that thing came after me, I would have a heart attack.