Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Recently someone has given me a journal of some kind. I get journals often as gifts. I guess its a pretty obvious gift for one who is constantly writing. But this was a slap me in the face "what the fuck?!?" gift. I understand the whole concept of the book but seriously. It sucks. Save your money next time and buy me a straight razor instead.
Its a gratitude journal. Oh no im sorry its the dun dun dun... Secret gratitude book.
I accept gratuity by way of large tips as in 20 percent or more anything less an you suck at life.
Let me share with you the books introduction and you will understand the humor in this gift.

"... Its one of the most powerful emotions you can use to bring all-good into your life in absolute abundance. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, gratitude can dissolve all negativity in your life, no mater what form it has taken."

haha what the fuck? Someone thinks im negative (they are for sure correct) but this someone honestly thinks this journal will "dissolve" all my negativity away. Funny.
Oh it goes on...like on how to use the book...

"...Before writing sit quietly and silently repeat thankyou 20 times. Begin a list of what your grateful for under the gratitude now list...When you have finished your daily gratitude now list move onto the next page labeled gratitude intentions"

So thats it. The ENTIRE journal. haha. Its funny what people think of and what people will buy in hopes to raise your spirits. Question...what the fuck is so wrong with being negative?

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Yeah. It's healthy to hide emotion and feelings that aren't anything related to the sweet smell of flowers on a sunny day where everyone's smiling, everything's perfect, and life couldn't be better. Right?

It's so WRONG. If you're negative or depressed or upset with something... you're NOT grateful for anything you have. Therefore, this journal was meant to give you your little lesson. Bad girl. Say your thanks twenty times and write about happy things. Bury anything else in yourself.

...I think not. Burn it.


By the way, you're a phenomenal writer.